You can indicate how long you would like the session to be, when you make an appointment. The intake, taking a shower before and after a session and our talk afterwards are not included in the play time. The minimal duration of a session is 45 minutes. The maximum is up to you. See rates below.

Kinky Mistress

45 minute play: € 150,-

45 minute play: € 175,-

1 hour play: € 200,-

1 hour play: € 225,-

1,5 hour play: € 300,-

1,5 hour play: € 300,-

2 hour play: € 400,-

2 hour play: € 400,-

Clarification & Other Rates

Rate Differences

Another possibility is choosing a session with a focus on seduction and other erotic elements, such as Edging, more Tease & Denial, Facesitting, Ass Worship, Wrestling and more. An example of these sessions is explained on the Extreme Tease & Denial page. These rates are listed under Kinky Mistress. All other elements can also be implemented in the Kinky Mistress sessions, however, the emphasis will be placed on the erotic play.

Some elements are only possible during Kinky Mistress Sessions, such as Facesitting, Ass Worship, Wrestling and more. Take a look at the Possibilities for an exact list.

Monthly Specials

There will be one or more special discounts every month. These are called the Monthly Specials.
View all Monthly Specials here.


It is possible to add Confinement to your session for € 30,- per half an hour.

Half-a-Day Sessions

If you are fond of long sessions, there is a special rate for three hour sessions. These are the Half-a-Day Sessions, for which the rate will be 425 euros for Mistress Sessions and for Kinky Mistress Sessions.

As with all sessions, the intake, taking a shower and (un-)dressing, will not be included in the three hours.

Double Trouble

Do you find it exciting to play with 2 Mistresses? Or maybe a Mistress and a Kinky Mistress? Or what do you think a bout a session with me as a (Kinky) Mistress and assisted by a female submissive? It is also possible to have part of the session just with me and another part of the session with two Ladies. All of these options are possible!

Look for more information on the Double Trouble page.


Would you like to serve multiple Mistresses with all kinds of tasks and housekeeping?
Do you find it exciting to have a session and being in the Studio for a long time?

  • 2 hours cleaning & tasks & 45 minutes Session = € 270-
  • 3 hours cleaning & tasks & 1 hour Session = € 380,-

For more information check the page Maid for Service.

Signature Miss Victoria
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