Session Photo’s

Here you can see all kinds of Session Photo’s, pictures made during a session. There is a lot to see: ropes, bondage, whips, needles, spreader bars, cross-dressing, anal play, candle wax, clamps, nipple clamps, slaves in uncomfortable positions and more.

When I have made photo's during a session, I will always ask you first if you want to have your picture on my site. Of course you can stay anonymous in the pictures if you want to. I will always take care that taking pictures will not interrupt the session.

Quite an Honor!

Luckily there are a lot of slave who find it an honor when I upload a picture to the Session Gallery. It is a quite an honor! I love to share these pictures so I can give you a good picture of what I can do.

Do you want this honor too? Make an appointment and tell me you want the honor of being on my site during our talk about your wishes and your limits. I love to make these photo's, so I really want to know this! May I place your photo here?

The Photos
New Photos

I regularly make new photos for my website and my Twitter page. This means I will update this page often and new pictures will be placed above.

Do you want to experience this too?

Do you see something you like? Something you want to experience? Tell me and who knows, I might be letting you get what you want in the next session. If you have a question about one or more photos, or when you want some explanation about what is going on exactly in a photo before you are going to experience it, let me know!

Signature Miss Victoria
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