Monthly Quiz – Leaderboards

This is the Monthly Quiz Leaderboards page. On this page you can see the highest scores of the Monthly Quiz Participants.

In "Leaderboards Total", you can view the scores with any extra earned points from every Quiz. It is possible that a participant decides to, for example, share his score on Twitter a week after taking the Quiz. The scores will be adjusted accordingly when that happens. This means that the personal scores of other participants can change (but so can yours!). However, the extra points can only be earned in the month of the current Quiz, so do not wait too long with sharing your scores.

In the "Leaderboards Monthly", you can view the scores of the Monthly Quiz per month. The extra points are not included, so only the smartest three participants (or the luckiest) will be mentioned. Be sure to take the Monthly Quiz in the right month! You can take a Quiz from an earlier month, but you will get a penalty for participating too late. But it is better than no points at all...

Leaderboards Total

Place Points Name
1. 2.475 Magnus Hakonarson
2. 2.065 Bloodslave
3. 885 Brandon Gerbig
4. 295 Michael Van De Voorde
5. 235 Sidney Blackwell
Place Points Name
6. 235 slave michiel
7. 185 Stefan
8. 175 Le gwenn herve
9. 150 alms
10. 145 henk

Leaderboards Monthly

Check the top 3 participants per Monthly Quiz here Quiz. These scores are only the points of the Quiz, any extra points have not been added.

Leaderboard for January Quiz
1. Magnus Hakonarson-295 Points
2. Slave-Trader-270 Points
3. Thomas Pain-165 Points
Leaderboard for February Quiz
1. Bloodslave-335 Points
2. Magnus Hakonarson-220 Points
3. henk-145 Points
Leaderboard for March Quiz
1. Magnus Hakonarson-260 Points
2. Brandon Gerbig-205 Points
3. Bloodslave-185 Points
Leaderboard for April Quiz
1. Magnus Hakonarson-275 Points
2. Sidney Blackwell-235 Points
3. Bloodslave-185 Points
Leaderboard for May Quiz
1. luke-350 Points
2. Magnus Hakonarson-285 Points
3. slave michiel-225 Points
Leaderboard for June Quiz
1. Bloodslave-350 Points
2. Bloodslave-325 Points
3. Magnus Hakonarson-275 Points
Leaderboard for July Quiz
1. Bloodslave-210 Points
2. Motjo-160 Points
3. Magnus Hakonarson-150 Points
Leaderboard for August Quiz
1. Magnus Hakonarson-225 Points
2. Bloodslave-110 Points
3. Bengel-110 Points
Leaderboard for September Quiz
1. Total Stare-235 Points
2. Magnus Hakonarson-125 Points
3. Bloodslave-110 Points
Leaderboard for October Quiz
1. Bloodslave01-375 Points
2. Magnus Hakonarson-210 Points
3. Bloodslave-210 Points
Leaderboard for November Quiz
1. Magnus Hakonarson-225 Points
2. Peter-150 Points
3. Bloodslave1-100 Points
Leaderboard for December Quiz
1. -
2. -
3. -
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