Everybody is different and has his own fantasies. What do you love? Do you like Whips? Are you wild about Candle Wax? Or do you prefer a Bondage session? There are a lot of possibilities within BDSM and I like variation, this allows me to make every session special.

If you tell me you are a fan of Caning I will make sure the session will remain interesting, so I will not just keep on Caning for a full hour. If you express curiosity towards certain subjects, I will gladly let you experience some new things.

All sessions and actions in a session will be adapted to what you can handle. Even if you have a low pain threshold or are inexperienced, I can implement all elements such in a way that you can still handle it.

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Possibilities with an * are only possible during a Kinky Mistress session. For more information about Kinky Mistress Sessions, check the Rates page.

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