Monthly Quiz – October

Nice of you to participate in this Quiz! This is the October Quiz and I’m curious about your knowledge!

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October Quiz

1. What do you call the sexual fascination for 'Breasts'?
2. What percentage of 'Saliva' consists of water?
3. The world's oldest Dildo is a Dildo of 20 centimeters long and it is 30.000 years old.
4. Where does the 'Signal Whip' originate from?
5. What do you call the Fetish for 'Vomit'?
6. 'Strangulation' was recommended in the past against which affliction?
7. What do I do when I talk about 'Pegging'?
8. 'Bastinado' stands for hitting the buttocks with a stick.
9. I do not do 'Roman Showers', but what is it?
10. What do you call the Fetish for 'Armpits'?
11. What kind of clothes are meant with 'Zentai'?
12. Playing with 'Ice' is also called 'Glacial Play'.
13. 'Opera Gloves' are also called 'Evening Gloves'. How far up do they reach?
14. The outer layer of a Bullwhip is usually made of braided leather, this is called the 'Overlay'. What is the name of the inner layer?
15. What do you call the Fetish for 'Food Play'?

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