Monthly Quiz – November

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November Quiz

1. Urolagnia makes you sexually aroused by seeing or thinking about urine. Which statement is correct?
2. Children were spanked at home when they misbehaved back in the day. This was usually done by the father using a belt. What did the mother usually use to spank with?
3. The earliest mentioning of 'death by hanging' is found in the 28 centuries old book 'The Odysee' by Homer.
4. What is not true about 'Poppers'?
5. What do you call the Fetish for 'Giants'?
6. In a 'Signal Whip' (a Single Tail) the tip (the 'Cracker') is braided together with the rest of the whip. What was originally the reason for doing that?
7. 'Endorfin' has the same effect as Morphine, but your body makes Endorphin on its own.
8. Which term do I use when I stand on you?
9. Tickling and biting are not examples of 'Sensation Play'.
10. What is a 'Prince Albert' piercing?
11. 'Tease & Denial' resembles 'Orgasm Control', the difference is that with Tease & Denial an orgasm is a luxury, not a necessity.
12. 'Ballbusting' originates from...
13. In 'Cuckolding' a man has to watch how the woman has sex with another man. Where does the term come from?
14. What do you call the Fetish for 'Bellies'?
15. In what year did Spain abolish the Death Penalty by way of 'Strangulation'?

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