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It is with pride I can inform you that I am nominated for The Kinky Web Awards in the category Best Dominant 2018! The voting round has begun, from now on you can vote for me once per day for two weeks!

Vote for me as Best Dominant 2018 now!


What are the rules?

Very simple: you can vote for me once per day!

Will you show your dedication?

Vote for Miss Victoria as Best Dominant 2018!

Vote for Miss Victoria as Best Dominant 2018!

The jury of TKW Awards has selected me from a list of 25+ participants!

Do you also think I have to win? Click on the green button on my profile at the TKW Website once per day!

Will you grant me this honor?

The Current Standings

As you can see in the diagram below, I am in second place! So I will need a few extra votes to get to first place! Will you get me those extra votes? For the complete Current Standings, check out the TKW Awards - Current Standing page of The Kinky Web.

What will happen if I win?

Nice things will happen, both for you and for me!

Of course it would be a huge honor to me to win! As you have read here, there will be a grand price for me too! I would love to go the lovely Hoxton Dungeon Suite in Londen!

Besides that, the following will happen:

  • I will upload the lovely logo I will get on my website!
  • I will write an extensive review about happens when I win, inluding when I receive the award
  • I will write a complete review about my visit to the Hoxton Dungeon Suite in Londen. Of course you will read it on my website!
  • There will be a series of special photos regarding the TKW Awards on my website
  • There will be a movie-clip about the TKW Awards on my website
  • And finally, as a token of gratitude for your dedication, I will film a session and upload the entire session on my site for everyone to see!

Of course I will keep you informed on a daily basis regarding the progress!

Will you make me proud?

Have you already voted on me today?


Signature Miss Victoria
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