I have made a new website: Meesteres-Victoria.nl. I have put everything on the new site or it will be put up soon.  This site will be closed in the long run.

Go to Meesteres-Victoria.nl now! 

All links on this site will lead to the new site. When the page has not been transferred, it will lead to the home page. Pages without a new version, which I do want to keep, will stay on this site for a while.

If you have any questions, send me an email!

New Website: Meesteres-Victoria.nl!

What Stays on this Website?

As I said above, not all pages are placed on the new site yet. Some of the pages on this site exist only here.

A great example of this is de Quiz and all Quiz pages. The Quit itself has stopped and you can no longer partake in the Monthly Quiz to win something. You can still do any of the Quizzes. These pages will stay here for now.

The photo gallery with session photos is also still mainly on this site. These photos will stay here of course, until they are placed on the new site. In this way, you can still view any of the session photos. I will remove the link when all photos are transferred. New photos will be placed on the new site directly.

Will this Site Still be Updated?

I will not place any new information or new photos on this website. All updates will be placed on the new site. The only changes you will see here will be links to the new site and some pages might disappear over time. It is my intention that this site will stop working in the long run.

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