English Website

I am happy to announce that I have been working on an English translation of my website! I also have a few new things in store and I will make further improvements to the appearance and functionality of the site.

Almost all pages from the Dutch website have been translated to English. More pages and updates will be added soon. For te upcoming weeks I will add new pages and updates on this page.

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New Pages & Updates

* About me - Biography

The page with information about me and my background has been completely renewed! The text shows much better now who I am and what I am standing for. It took a long time to make this page and I am very proud about the result!

* Sessions

The explanation about how a session works is renewed and made more complete. Everyone who has not yet had a session with me can get a clear picture of what will happen, how things will happen and what is expected of you when you come by for your first session.

* Possibilities

There are a lot of different possibilities in a session, but I did not want a simple long list. This page is renewed, you can not only see the entire list alphabetically, but also sorted per category. There is also a search function and links are added to pages with an article about a certain possibility. More articles and therefor more links will be added.

* Sessions Gallery

The contact page is renewed and I have enumerated how you should make contact with me or with the studio.

Of course, you can still see all these pages in Dutch.

English Website
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