Monthly Quiz – May

Nice of you to participate in this Quiz! This is the May Quiz and I’m curious about your knowledge!

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May Quiz

1. The 'Tawse' is a Scottish whip made from rigid leather and has a split tip. Where did people usually hit on?

What do you love when you have the Fetish 'Dendrophilia'?


What do you call the fetish for 'Sleeping People'?


This element is not possible in a session in Studio Donna Fiera, but what is the official term for a session with feces?


What do you call the Fetish for 'Hands'?

6. The term 'G-Spot' is a well known term, but what does the G stand for?
7. The Marquis de Sade (after whom 'Sadism' is named) and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (after whom 'Masochisme' is named) were close friends.
8. From which year dates the first mentioning of the 'Chastity Belt'?
9. What does 'O.T.K.' mean?
10. The cross you are bound to in a BDSM Play is called a Saint Andrew's Cross or a Saint Peter's Cross.
11. What do you call the Fetish for 'Receiving Pain'?
12. What are 'Endorphines'?
13. A glove that is made for two hands is called a 'Duoglove'.
14. What is a 'Ball Tie'?
15. What is a 'Jennings Gag'?

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