Monthly Quiz – March

Nice of you to participate in this Quiz! This is the March Quiz and I’m curious about your knowledge!

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March Quiz

1. A 'Tawse' is a Scottish whip made from a rigid piece of leather that has a split tip. What is the original use for this whip? In what place was this whip used originally?
2. In 'Mammary Intercourse' an erect penis is being moved between breasts. Which of the following is true about 'Mammary Intercourse'?
3. In Sweden you are allowed to practice BDSM with a 16-year old.
4. What is 'Nantaimori'?
5. What do you call the Fetish for 'getting tickled'?
6. A 'Tijuana Bible' was a small book, about 7 x 10,5 cm that was popular in America from 1920 - 1970. What is true about these booklets?
7. What do I use 'Sounds' for?
8. With the cracking of a whip the 'Cracker' (the tip of the whip) does not move faster than 1000 km/h.
9. What does the abbreviation 'T.P.E.' mean?
10. What do you call the Fetish for 'Inflicting Pain'? (One of my Fetishes)
11. What can happen when you get into 'subspace'?
12. Genital piercings have been around for about 1500 years.
13. What do you call the device that I use to immobilize your tongue?
14. What is meant with a 'Parachute' in BDSM?
15. What do you call the Fetish for 'Means of Transport.

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