Monthly Quiz – June

Nice of you to participate in this Quiz! This is the June Quiz and I’m curious about your knowledge!

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June Quiz

1. The term 'G-Spot' is a well known one, but what does the G stand for?

What do you call the Fetish for 'Being on Stage or in front of a Camera'?


What does 'C.B.T.' mean?


'Ice Play' is used in the Vanilla world as Kinky Foreplay.


What do you like when you like 'Pony Play'?


What do you call the Fetish for 'Muscles', also known as 'Muscle Worship'?


What do you call the Fetish for 'Water'?

8. What does 'Axelism' mean?
9. A 'Frotteur' is somebody who gets sexually aroused by rubbing his genitals against a stranger.
10. Which material is used to make the most expensive long gloves?
11. A 'Qilinbian' is a kind of metal Bullwhip from China. What is true about this whip?
12. What do you call the Japanese version of Bondage?
13. 'Nose Torture' is a part of Japanese BDSM.
14. How does it feel (for most people) when they are tied like a ball: legs against chest, arms around legs, no way to move?
15. What is true about a 'Judas Cradle'?

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