Monthly Quiz – July

Nice of you to participate in this Quiz! This is the July Quiz and I’m curious about your knowledge!

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July Quiz

1. What do you love when you have the Fetish 'Salirophilia'?
2. Paddling is still used as corporal punishment in some US schools. In what part of the states is paddling still legal?
3. 'Food Play' is practiced in both the BDSM scene and in the Vanilla world.
4. Where does the 'Bullwhip' originate from?
5. What do you call the Fetish for 'Being in front of the Mirror'?
6. How old are the oldest known documents about BDSM?
7. What does 'subspace' mean?
8. 'Dioptra' is a synonym for 'Speculum', which means 'Mirror'.
9. What are you called when you love to be spanked?
10. What do you call the Fetish for 'Strangulation'?
11. What is a 'Rigger'?
12. In 'Cupping' the skin is made more sensitive by an increased blood flow. Only after a few minutes a mark is seen that can be compared to an extreme love bite.
13. What do you call the kind of Bondage where you sit cross-legged, with your hands on your back and your head pulled towards your legs?
14. What is true about 'Cocooning' and 'Mummification'?
15. What do you call the Fetish for 'The fear of being Killed'?

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